April 19, 2016
Why We Formed & What our Goals Are


It's been an incredible six weeks getting off the ground and having RHAK participate in the Juneau arena with legislators and the administration. RHAK has upset the applecart so to speak and there has been a lot of pushback against what we are really trying to do, a lot of deliberate misinformation. So we wanted to better explain what we're up against, why we formed, and what our primary goal is.

Please see the attached letter. We wanted to get it to members first. It also explains some of what we did and didn't accomplish in Juneau. This evening we will post this letter on our website and in the public arena. 

Feel free to pass this letter on to others who may be interested in RHAK or to those who may have questions on what we are really about. We could never have achieved what we already have without your help, and we can't stress enough our gratitude in getting RHAK off the ground in such a big way. Thank you!


We will send out a newsletter soon including information about our RHAK Founding Member Summit and get-together coming up mid-May in both Fairbanks and Anchorage. We hope you can all make it to one of those locations to meet with the RHAK board and other members and talk about the future of RHAK and a resident priority to our game resources.


Thank you so much again for your support! And for taking the time to call and write in to legislators asking for a change on the Board of Game and for a resident priority. Your voices were definitely heard!


As always, if you have any questions, please email or call.