April 2, 2016

RHAK Action Alert - Please contact your legislators!


The abuse and cronyism on the Board of Game must stop. THIS WEDNESDAY member Nate Turner's Board of Game reappointment hearing will be open to public testimony in the House Resources committee. Mr. Turner has been a force for non-resident guided hunting rights at the expense of residents. A link to his advocacy efforts is HERE. During the last year, Mr. Turner has:

  • Championed the recent passage of proposal 51, restricting residents who hunt with nonresident family members, while protecting his guide lobby.

  • Helped push Board-generated proposals 207 & 208 that cut out established public process.

  • Been instrumental in preventing 207 repeal or even modification last week at the Board meeting.

  • Refused to recuse himself from the Sheep Working Group process, hindering nonresident restrictions while advocating for exclusive guide concessions.

  • Continued to participate in Board of Game discussion and action that limits residents, while protecting his guiding lobby, over the objections of a formal ethics complaint.

We need as many people as possible to:

  1. Personally email all House Resources Committee members over the next 4 days.

  2. Call in on Wednesday at 1pm to get in line to testify in opposition of Mr. Turner's reappointment.

  3. RHAK members who happen to be constituents of the House Resources committee members should call on their offices to BLOCK Mr. Turner's reappointment.


Above on the right is an email list for all the members of the House Resources committee. We suggest you send an email to the entire committee. This committee will end up moving Nate Turner's name forward to the full joint session of the legislature on April 15th. This is only the first step in a campaign to stop Mr. Turner from being confirmed for another term on the Board of Game. We will also be asking you to write all legislators prior to the full confirmation vote later this month. Only with sheer numbers will we have an impact; we urge you to please send in a letter and to call in and voice your concerns. You should use your own name and words. Try to avoid the form-letter approach.

There are two ways to call in to the actual hearing on Wednesday. 

  1. Go to your local Legislative Information Office to testify. 

  2. Call 1-844-586-9085 from your personal phone at 1pm on April 6th to be put on a list to testify via your phone.

Feel free to contact RHAK Executive Director Mark Richards at (907) 371-7436 for any information or further details. RHAK will be actively lobbying in person over the next week to back you up, but ultimately, this will be up to all of us! If Mr. Turner cannot be blocked in the next 13 days, he will be in line to be our next Chair of the Board of Game.