April 9, 2016
Alert! We need more calls and emails to oppose Nate Turner's reappointment to Board of Game!


We have been meeting in Juneau with legislators in opposition to Nate Turner's reappointment to the Board of Game. Thank you if you wrote in to House Resources committee or called your legislator to oppose Mr. Turner during his hearing last week. House Resources has passed on Mr. Turner's name for a confirmation vote by the full legislature this Friday, April 15th. 


Here's what we need to do: Mobilize every hunting buddy you have and ask them to send in a VERY BRIEF email OPPOSING Nate Turner’s confirmation to the Board of Game for another term. Send in your own letters as well.


  • Send it to EVERY LEGISLATOR… not just your own. Use this:


sen.pete.kelly@akleg.gov; sen.john.cogill@akleg.gov; sen.click.bishop@akleg.gov; sen.charlie.huggins@akleg.gov; sen.mike.dunleavy@akleg.gov; sen.bill.stoltze@akleg.gov; sen.anna.mackinnon@akleg.gov; sen.bill.wielechowski@akleg.gov; sen.berta.gardner@akleg.gov; sen.johnny.ellis@akleg.gov; sen.mia.costello@akleg.gov; sen.lesil.mcguire@akleg.gov; sen.kevin.meyer@akleg.gov; sen.cathy.giessel@akleg.gov; sen.peter.micciche@akleg.gov; sen.gary.stevens@akleg.gov; sen.dennis.egan@akleg.gov; sen.bert.stedman@akleg.gov; sen.lyman.hoffman@akleg.gov; sen.donald.olson@akleg.gov; rep.scott.kawasaki@akleg.gov; rep.steve.thompson@akleg.gov; rep.tammie.wilson@akleg.gov; rep.david.guttenberg@akleg.gov; rep.adam.wool@akleg.gov; rep.david.talerico@akleg.gov; rep.lynn.gattis@akleg.gov; rep.mark.neuman@akleg.gov; rep.jim.colver@akleg.gov; rep.wes.keller@akleg.gov; rep.shelley.hughes@akleg.gov; rep.cathy.tilton@akleg.gov; rep.dan.saddler@akleg.gov; rep.lora.reinbold@akleg.gov; rep.gabrielle.ledoux@akleg.gov; rep.iby.spohnholz@akleg.gov; rep.andy.josephson@akleg.gov; rep.harriet.drummond@akleg.gov; rep.geran.tarr@akleg.gov; rep.les.gara@akleg.gov; rep.matt.claman@akleg.gov; rep.liz.vazquez@akleg.gov; rep.chris.tuck@akleg.gov; rep.craig.johnson@akleg.gov; rep.charisse.millett@akleg.gov; rep.bob.lynn@akleg.gov; rep.lance.pruitt@akleg.gov; rep.mike.hawker@akleg.gov; rep.mike.chenault@akleg.gov; rep.kurt.olson@akleg.gov; rep.paul.seaton@akleg.gov; rep.louise.stutes@akleg.gov; rep.sam.kito@akleg.gov; rep.cathy.munoz@akleg.gov; rep.jonathan.kriess-tomkins@akleg.gov; rep.daniel.ortiz@akleg.gov; rep.bryce.edgmon@akleg.gov; rep.bob.herron@akleg.gov; rep.neal.foster@akleg.gov; rep.benjamin.nageak@akleg.gov 


  • WE NEED TO SHOW NUMBERS in order to convince legislators Mr. Turner should not be reappointed to the Board of Game. 

  • Something simple like “Help restore a resident balance to the Board of Game. Please OPPOSE the confirmation of Mr. Nathan Turner for another 3-year term.”

  • Include your name and address. You do not need to mention RHAK affiliation.

  • If you live in the interior, you can also contact the entire interior delegation with a phone call (452-4448) to the Legislative Affairs Office. It takes about two minutes to leave your message and Mr. Turner's reappointment is for three years.


Let’s get their attention and impress upon them that resident hunters are being disenfranchised by our current Board of Game. The Board needs more diversity and less guide industry influence. Please help us get the word out! Call Mark Richards with any questions at (907) 371-7436.