RHAK Founding Member Lew Bradley is out with a 3-volume set of books that span over 40 years of sheep hunting in Alaska! And if you buy now, he will kick back $100 of the purchase price to RHAK! It also includes a history of Alaska Dall sheep hunting from 1914 to the present, 1800+ pages, and 1,000+ color photos. As one reviewer stated, “This is a serious work, qualifying as the Gutenberg Bible of Dall sheep hunting.” Click for more info and how to order Rampages, Alaska’s Great White Dall.

Rampages, Alaska's Great White Dall

Aging Thinhorn Sheep - Bill Jex B.C. Wild Sheep Society

RHAK Sheep Hunting Seminar

Hosted by Brad Sparks. Panel with Matt DeLuca, Scott Luber, Bob Cassell, and ADF&G biologist Tom Lohuis.

Part 1 - Expert advice on location, gear, and preparing for the hunt 

Part 2 - How to judge legal rams, how to hunt rams, where to hunt

RHAK Bear Baiting Clinic

Download the PowerPoint presentation

Watch the presentation by ADF&G biologist Sean Farley

Watch the panel discussion

Summary of changes adopted by the Alaska Board of Game

For regulatory year 2019-2020

For regulatory year 2018-2019

For regulatory year 2017-2018

2018 Region IV Board of Game Meeting Report - Dillingham

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