Thank you for your interest in a resident priority through the efforts of RHAK, Resident Hunters of Alaska. We pledge to work with you to secure and strengthen the resident Alaskan hunter’s rights and share of our wildlife resources. The long-overdue changes will take much work in Juneau, and for that we need you. 


In light of that, the membership tier is of your own choosing. RHAK's resourcing comes entirely from its membership of Alaskan residents, and we need members participating at every level. The most valuable component of your participation is as a constituent of our state's democratic process. Being a purely resident organization, and backed by the clear intent of our constitution, RHAK will prevail on issues that are decided in Juneau and in our courts.


So please take a moment and think about if you’d like to see an emphasis on resident hunting priority for you and your kids, estimate what you spend for hunting trips each year for a little perspective, and come up with a number to suit yourself.

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Hat, decal, newsletter.


Long-sleeved shirt, hat and decal; newsletter.


Newsletter, hat and decal for each person in your family.

      See the Business Sponsor Info page for details on business sponsorship levels.


Hooded sweatshirt, long-sleeved shirt, hat and decal; newsletter.



Custom RHAK embroidery on your favorite jacket, hooded sweatshirt, long-sleeved shirt, hat and decal; newsletter.

FRIEND Support RHAK but can’t afford to join? Email your contact info and we'll keep you informed.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, contact RHAK Executive Director Mark Richards
at (907) 371-7436 or