Resident Hunters of Alaska is dedicated to enhancing and prioritizing opportunities for Alaskan resident hunters in accordance with responsible wildlife management, focused on preserving our Alaskan hunting heritage for future generations.

RHAK is a new organization primarily focused on two things: 
1. Ensuring our game resources are managed prudently.
2. Working toward a clear resident priority for our game resources.

RHAK was largely formed over resident hunter dismay at how our current Alaska Board of Game (BOG) has been managing allocation of our game resources and how the Board seems inclined to favor the big game guide industry over the resident hunter. We, along with the public and many Fish & Game Advisory Committees, believe the Alaska BOG has also overstepped its authority and subverted the public process.

It is well known by the BOG that unlimited nonresident sheep hunting opportunity along with the unlimited big game guides most nonresidents are required to hire, has been causing biological harm to our Dall Sheep populations and restrictive drawing hunts for all. Currently nonresident guided sheep hunters take 60-80% of our sheep annually in some areas. Statewide the nonresident guided sheep harvest is 40% annually. Clearly our Alaska constitution and our statutes and regulations intend for Alaskans to have a priority to our game resources. But over the last decade, resident hunters’ appeals to the BOG to limit nonresident sheep hunters has resulted in no action taken by the Board, rather the Board requests more money for more studies related to a problem they themselves have publicly agreed is happening. 

Sheep issues are the tip of the iceberg. Without a clear statutory resident priority to our game resources Alaskan hunters are in danger of losing hunting opportunities to restrictive draw-only hunts brought on by BOG inaction until the only course of action is to limit all hunters. RHAK is unapologetically pro-Resident and we seek to work with the administration and legislators to secure a long overdue resident priority to our game resources for future generations of Alaskans through clarification and amendment of our current laws. 


Mark Richards, Executive Director of Resident Hunters of Alaska

(907) 371-7436  |  info@residenthuntersofalaska.org