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Hunter Education

RHAK Heritage Foundation is dedicated to the conservation of Alaska's wildlife and educating the hunters who live here.

Guide to thinhorn sheep aging - Bill Jex, B.C. Wild Sheep Society

RHAK supports the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) Program and Alaskans Afield with donations/scholarships for participants seeking hands-on workshops and classes.

RHAK Sheep Hunting Seminar

Hosted by Brad Sparks. Panel with Matt DeLuca, Scott Luber, Bob Cassell, and ADF&G biologist Tom Lohuis.

Part 1 - Expert advice on location, gear, and preparing for the hunt

Part 2 - How to judge legal rams, how to hunt rams, where to hunt

RHAK Bear Baiting Clinic

PowerPoint file

Presentation by ADF&G biologist Sean Farley

Panel discussion

Alaska Department of Fish & Game website

Alaska Board of Game

Alaska State Legislature website

Federal Subsistence Management Program

Resident hunter economic impact poster.

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Who Really Manages our Wildlife? Learn More About the Alaska Board of Game

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