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Pictures From the 2023 Yukon River Float Trip

Read the trip report in newsletter 14. All pictures are by George Thompson unless otherwise noted.

Yukon rocks
Organizing and loading gear at the Eagle boat launch
Jeff oaring past Eagle Bluff
George and Mark floating past Calico Bluff
Ogilvie Mountains from mouth of "Sheep Creek"
Zephyr (sitting) and Finn, at first camp in the setting sun
Enjoying day 2 on the Yukon
Finn with pike at Kandik camp
Finn lining canoe up the Kandik
Paddling through the beaver sloughs
Jeff snaps a pic of the canoe crew
A chilly Zephyr (left) and Finn (right) at the Coal Creek Dredge
The crew at Slaven's. From left to right: George, Zephyr, Finn, Mark, and Jeff
Finn with hoodoos in the background
Last camp near Circle, 6-mile bluff in background
Finn, Mark, and Zephyr playing cards in camp
Jeff, Mark, and Zephyr - last campfire
Mark cooking breakfast out of the rain on top of his custom chuckbox
Jeff in the rain near Circle on the last day of the float
RHAK rocks
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