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RHAK Founding Members

RHAK came together in 2016 with the help of our Founding Members who each contributed $1,000 toward the formation of the first and only hunting conservation organization in the state advocating for a clear resident hunting priority according to our state constitution.

We are proud of the support we have received from our Founding Members, listed below. Join us as we advocate for policies that benefit our wildlife populations and ensure long-term hunting opportunities for current and future generations of Alaskan resident hunters.

Jeff Alling 
Luke Anderson
Kevin Asher
Brion Bearle
Lew Bradley
Rob Bussel
John Calder
Bob Cassell
Cynthia Cassell
Carl Cook
Michael (Woody) Coots
Tom D’agostino
Shawn Davis
Roger & Shelly Denny
Alfred DeRamus
Pete Dickinson
Travis Drake
Marlin Dubetz
Jaques & Darcy Etcheverry
Jeffrey Falkner
Mark Fallon
Paul Ferucci
Colt Foster
Dan Foster
Jack Frost

Jason Fry

Richard Garner

J.R. Gates

John Giuchici
Danny Graham
Troy Graziadei
Nathan Haines
Mike Harper

Brian Hartman
James Haselberger

Jeremy Hoagland
Steve Houck
Randy Howard
Casey Hultquist
Dave Hultquist
Tony & Cynthia Jacobson
Lenny & Diane Jewkes
Daniel Jirak
Doug Johnson
Shawn Johnston
Mark Keller
Tom Lamal
Kate Lamal
Mark Laporte
Mark Larson
Tyler Loken
Doug Luiten

Barbara Luiten

Chris Luiten

Leif Lunoe

Peter Lunoe

Larry Madosik
Doug Malone
Gary McCarthy
Mike McCrary
Mike McNamara
Sean Meadows
David Miller
Mike Monnin

Roger Nelles
Bub Nelson
Hans Nordstrom
Frank Noska
Todd Olson
Buzz Otis
Stu Pechek
James Penfield
Davis Peterson
Doug Prevost

John Rhyshek
Mark Richards
Rick Rodgers
Gabrielle Rubenstein

Mike Samson

Jeff Saxe
Laura Saxe

Brian Schmidt
Joe Seelig

Robert Sept
Heidi Smith
Matt Soloy
Chris Soloy
Bill Southard
Brad Sparks
Jake & Beth Sprankle
Tim Sterner
Steve Stidham
Mark Stiller
Rob Stone
Matthew Stone
Dave Sullivan
Rick & Sharon Swisher
Jeff Varvil
Clay Waggood
Corey Waisanen
Greg Waisanen
Joshua Waisanen
Brett Westcott
Ethan Williams
Birch Yuknis

We are grateful for your support.

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