RHAK's 2020 Annual Fundraising Dinner & Auction is postponed

Dear RHAK Members, 

The RHAK Board decided it was in the best interest of the organization’s base to hold the banquet auctions online. This was based on recommendations from the CDC and the closing of the Egan center indefinitely. 

As far as future banquet dates, it all depends on mitigation and spread of the coronavirus. We just don’t have enough information now to make definitive plans, but we discussed holding smaller banquets in both Fairbanks and Anchorage.

We are aware that the recent coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of us to look toward our own successful futures and save wherever we can. We hope everyone can get through these tough times and our network as a RHAK family will come together to help those in need. As a volunteer-based, non-profit organization, we are going to suffer with you through this outbreak. Losing our banquet means losing our most important source of income. 

Our ask is that you first take care of your neighbors. Share the food resources that we have in our freezers with those in need. We are also asking for any donations toward RHAK that you can help with. Whether it be $5 or $35, it will go a long way in supporting our cause. Referring RHAK to your group of friends for them to sign up as members will also help us through these tough times. You can also donate memberships. 

Through all of this, remember that we are the toughest group of people there is. We will weather any storm just like we have in the backcountry. Stay strong, stay positive, and RHAK on! Thanks for any donations you can afford, and for what you have done for us up to this point. Don’t hesitate to write or call with any questions. 

The RHAK Team